Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Goodbyes

Sunday morning I said goodbye to  Door County and my bestie...and it was not easy. After a tearful goodbye, I drove down the highway, singing (poorly) to Adele's broken-heart love songs, and taking in every last look at that beautiful place. And I say "last" as in "at least 8 months" kind of last. Once I got to Green Bay (actually when I got over the bridge and had my "last" look at Lambeau), things really went downhill. I started thinking about how hard it was to say good-bye to my best friend. How do I say goodbye to my sister, my kids....oh God, my grandchildren! It was a tough ride home.  I can't even blame lack of sleep, too much drinking/partying, anything on this maudlin behavior. Just having a moment!
After a good nights sleep, I was able to wake up with a renewed enthusiasm and a more realistic outlook on our inevitable goodbyes. It's not forever, we have skype and phones, there are planes that can get you home in a flash if need be. And Jeff and I will be seeing and experiencing this country while we can still enjoy it. And we'll have each other, which is not bad! Not bad at all!!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Our living space in its entirety! Living room, Dining room, Kitchen, Bedroom and Bath. All in 34 feet of BP.

Counting Down and Packing Up

6 weeks and 3 days...but who's counting? I think this is going to be a difficult period for Jeff and I. I'm stressed thinking about the packing up of the house, the loading of the BP (where am I going to put all my STUFF?) and the complete lack of structure, that is going to become our day to day lives. Jeff is stressed that he will soon be "unemployed". So together we are one sleepless, tossing, turning lump of tension. That being said...we can't wait to move on and move forward with our "Big Adventure".
Dane and his two roommates came over the other day to preview thier new pad and hash out room assignments. Nice young men, all three. I have complete confidence that they will take good care of the house and respect our investment in it. It is very strange to think I will not be coming home to our "home". I really can't picture living in the BP the rest of my life. How would I host a family dinner, much less holiday? What will my grandchildren think of as "Grandma's house"? There I go getting ahead of myself again. This is meant to be a six month adventure and not a lifestyle. One day at a time...
Time to work on todays assignment. Taking down the decor around the house that Dane has deemed too "girly". And patching nail holes. So the boys can put up thier beer signs and cityscapes. I'm kind of glad I won't be here to see the transition to bachelor pad!