About Us

My husband Jeff and I are either going completely mid-life crazy or are doing the smartest thing ever....we are about to embark on a cross-country trip in our 36 ft Holiday Rambler Presidential. Our plan is to drive due west, then due south, then due east, and come full circle sometime next April (or whenever the snow melts in this God-forsaken tundra). We have quite our jobs (mine as an RN, Jeff as a liquor store manager), rented out the house to my son and what we couldn't sell or throw out, has been put in storage. Our true thoughts and inspiration for this trip came, in part, after losing 3 out of 4 parents in the last two years. What are we waiting for? If health issues or death doesn't get us, the whole country could go right down the shitter and we may never be able to visit all of our countrys National Parks, State Parks, and wonders that abound. So, September 26, 2011 we begin what will most likely be the adventure of our lives. And if togetherness doesn't completely drive one or both of us nuts, we will have the rest of our lives to talk  about all the amazing things we saw, the wonderful people we met and the the fact that we had the time of our lives. Here's hoping!