Tuesday, March 20, 2012

BP Gets a Boo-Boo

Yesterday morning we left Mims for Savannah, Georgia about 9:30. About 9:45 one of the tires on the BP blew, losing it's entire tread and causing a bit of damage to the BP's living room slide area. We had the same thing happen with our Class C a year ago as we were returning it from Door County. Now this! Unfortunately, a trailer tire hold about 120 pounds of pressure so when they blow...they really blow.
We also are unable to change the tire since you need a special jack to lift 18,000 pounds of vehicle so we had to call on a tire/tow service to A) find us, B) remove the tire, C) take the tire to Titusville so a new one could be placed on the rim and then, D) return and replace the new tire. This took until 2 p.m. at which point, we continued on to our destination. During our wait, I found that the now defunct "Holiday Rambler" is under the Monaco umbrella and repairs can be done in Wakarusa, Indiana. Looks like we have a new destination!
In the end, we actually remained in good spirits and crossed into Georgia a few hours later. We had resorted to making reservations at a KOA (which we are typically not fond of) in Richmond Hill, Ga.

We arrived just before 6 p.m. and whatever we had heard about "Southern Hospitality" has been an understatement. These people are NICE! The campground is lovely, clean and well cared for and the town itself is more of the same....clean and pretty with everything we need near by (read Walmart!).
Our Campsite

One of the camps Swans...this guy is "Crabby Joe"...
He's downright viscious in protecting his girl
and her nest!
Today was wash/errand/clean guns day. Tomorrow, we head into Savannah where I promised Jeff and full day of walking, touring and picture taking. He's thrilled!

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