Saturday, March 31, 2012

North Carolina

After spending our last day in Longs lounging (and getting the usual HH chores done) we were off to New Bern, North Carolina. Situated about 6 miles from New Bern's and about 45 minutes from Atlantic Beach, Moonlight Lake RV Park seemed like a good place to spend a few days (and the price was right).

We are about 3 1/2 hours north of Longs but a million miles away. North Carolina does not have the charm of South Carolina. At least not what we have seen. We could be in northern Minnesota for all I know. Lots of bare trees, few flowers and it seems like a good amount of poverty (not the pretty houses we saw south). Thursday we went into New Bern, toured the "Historic" downtown a bit and then had a superb lunch at "Maggie's Pub". On the way into town I spied a TJ Maxx so that was next on the agenda (hey, I haven't been at one since the beginning of February!). A Walmart, Petsmart and post-office stop and we were on the way back to the BP for the evening.

Yesterday we drove to the coast-line. In particular a civil war era fort called Fort Macon, which is right on the tip of Atlantic Beach Island. It was extremely cool and, not knowing a whole lot about the Civil War, I also got a good history lesson.

The fort is also part of a state park so we walked down the beach for awhile and gathered even more beautiful shells. Jeff even has gotten the hang of the "Sanibel Stoop" a few hundred miles late...

We drove down the island road which heads south to the "Emerald Coast" but after a few miles it became clear that all we were going to see was a whole lot of condos, beach houses and hotels, so we turned around and drove north to Beaufort, North Carolina. Another beach town but no tacky stores, just a quaint downtown on the marina.

Today was rainy and cool and spent, once again, on chores. The ladder on the BP cracked due to the strain of holding two bikes over lots of bumps. Jeff is working diligently on repairing yet another issue! Tomorrow we will have a long day on the road to Hillsville, Virginia. Yee Haw!

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