Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Myrtle Beach

Yesterday we went to both North and South Myrtle Beach and I have to say, it was exactly as I thought it would be. Tacky tourist shops and typical Atlantic Beach's. In between the two areas (they are distinctly seperate) we went to Barefoot Landing...a boardwalk type outdoor shopping mall. It actually was pretty fun! It had two large areas separated by a large pond that was full of turtles (who actually begged for the "turtle snack" that was sold along the boardwalk and piers) and enormous carp. The weather warmed to about 81 degrees, which was well above the predicted 75. We had a great lunch at TBonz, a restaurant/brew pub that was situated along the Intercoastal Waterway.

At the south end of Myrtle Beach is another very large, very long boardwalk, complete with arcades and rides. We paid for three hours of parking and were there for about an hour (that included sitting about 30 minutes at a beach bar having a Pina Colada!

About the most entertaining part of South Myrtle were the names of the gift shops and restaurants. Clearly, a lot of them had been around since the 50's...there was something named after every member of the Rat Pack, that's for sure! These are two of my personal favorites...

Last night, the cold front hit in earnest and the temperature dropped to a chilly 48 degrees. Today was sunny but never topped 60. Good thing we had planned a chore day. For me laundry, and for Jeff, the BB got an oil change. This afternoon we did get in a combination bike/hike which was absolutely lovely. And we never had to leave the grounds of this beautiful resort! After a dinner of Shepard's Pie (which I KILLED!) we even got to have a campfire, which we haven't been able to have since Louisiana!

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