Thursday, March 8, 2012

Last Week In St. Maarten.

Jeff and I enjoyed our last week in St. Maarten revisiting a few old haunts and also seeing a few new places.  On Monday, the 27th, we took a drive to Cupecoy which has a fancy new Marina and shopping area.

 Then we HAD to stop by Maho to pay a visit to our favorite jeweler and island friend, Larry. We then walked over to a new (to us anyway) bar and grill due east of Maho Beach, which is also where the incoming planes fly directly over.

 It wasn't the busiest day at the airport but we still saw quite a few plane landings and even captured this Air France landing...
After plane spotting, we returned to the condo for a quiet afternoon and dinner at home.
Tuesday we tried to return to Simpson Bay Beach but after a short hour, the rain started in so we retreated back to the condo. By the time we got to our street, the sun was once again shining so we took the road up hill to get a few pictures of our "hood" from up high.

 In the afternoon, the sun was still shining bright so we went back to the Marina Bar for the late afternoon bridge opening.

From the marina we went back to Grande Case for another Harmony Night but due to the threat of rain, the parade had been cancelled. No worries, we had a nice walk through town and a long overdue dinner at a local Lolo...

Wednesday we went to a beach that we had never actually been to....Baie Rouge. It was a pretty rough day on the water so the waves were monster sized but we had a very enjoyable and very warm day at the beach.

Since we had spent the entire day at the beach, we pooped out very early after a dinner at home.

Thursday and the depression of our time on St. Maarten coming to an end was setting in pretty hard! But we decided to spend yet another day at Simpson Bay and enjoyed some great beach and water time.

After cleaning up,and watching sunset, we returned to what would be the biggest incoming bridge opening of the week since the Heineken Regatta was set to start the next day. Dinner back at Jimbos and we were once again, home early and ready for bed!

Friday morning we started the process of packing up but the took a break to go out on the Lambada for some up close and personal Heineken Regatta viewing. The first big race had started at 10 a.m. right in front of our condo and by 1 p.m. the first boats were finishing up in Philipsberg just as we sailed into the bay.

We even sailed right by our beach on the way so we got a waterfront view of Pelican Key!

After returning from the Heineken viewing trip, we lounged and refreshed then treated ourselves to dinner at The Stone, and had probably one of the most amazing dinners of our lives. Steaks completely void of fat and served of sizzling hot stones. Fabulous dinner. Wonderful night. Great 2 weeks in St. Maarten.

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