Sunday, March 18, 2012

Our Last Days in Florida

So I haven't "blogged" since Wednesday...and theres a good reason why. We haven't done a thing! Well, that's not 100% true, but we have done very little.
Thursday we attempted to get in a good bike ride. After searching on-line for a trail, we drove to south Merritt Island where there was a reported "7-mile trail around the Lagoon (and watch out for the Alligators". Couldn't find it. Found a common old city sidewalk that bumped it's way through suburbia but that was not the exciting "Alligator Central" we had hoped for. So we drove to the northern part of the island to a nature preserve where the promise was a "26 mile stretch bordering the Canaveral National Shoreline". OK, there was a shoreline up and over the dunes but riding on a busy road is also not my idea of scenic (or safe).
Friday I told Jeff I just had to see Cocoa Beach. After all, it's where all the astronauts live and surfers surf, right? He gamely accompanied me to what proved to be a very typical, very touristy, very dirty beach town with MOBS of Spring Breakers and seaweed. We basically, looked, lunched and left. Lunch was great an irish pub always is!
Cocoa Beach

Beach bar break

Nolans Irish Pub
The truth is we are just plain tired of playing tourist. We are spoiled by St. Maarten beaches and water and we are sick of tourist beach towns that all look the same and sell the same old shit. So we planned out our remaining two days in Florida very carefully (careful to avoid any more beach towns that is)...
we did NOTHING!!! Unless you count laying by the pool and working on our tans something. Honestly, I did more of that than Jeff but he did get some Xbox time in so I know he enjoyed his leisure time as well.

Too pretty to waste...

One of our little friends

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