Saturday, March 10, 2012

Gator Watch 2012

Sad day today as I had to deliver my BFF to the airport at 7 a.m. The sad part being the delivery, not the hour! Also...driving to Fort Lauderdale Airport reminded me that 3 weeks ago, Jeff and I had been doing the same thing. Only to fly ourselves,  to St. Maarten. Time goes so fast and all the things that I so look forward to becomes a memory before I know it. But, you can't go back, just look forward. And I am so looking forward to Monday when we can get the hell out of South Bay. Between the truck noise, the 6 a.m. crop duster (who thinks he should actually "buzz" the BP), the burning sugar cane ash...we are OVER this place in a big way. Monday we head to Titusville, Florida on the Space Coast. We will enjoy the proximity to water and beaches again as well as some educational opportunities at Cape Canaveral.
After getting back from the Keys on Thursday, Lucy and I spent the remainder of our time together "chillaxing". We had intermittent sun yesterday so we pretty much sat outside, a few short "gator watching" walks, and a few cocktails. Jeff and I did more of the same today. I actually took the video camera around the entire circumference of the park and caught a few gators on film. One baby has been hanging right by the BP all day (OK, I may have put some chicken out by the bank yesterday). I named her "Teenie" and she is now coming to the bank when I call. OOOOPS!
Frank, Teenie's buddy.
We also got to see "Hank" yesterday as he sunned on the opposite bank for most of the day.

Aside from the alligators, we have a pair of nesting Blue Herons right across the creek bed that have been really interesting to watch and entertaining as well.

Also the ever present flocks of Ibis and their weird little friend I spotted yesterday but have never seen before.

So we spent a few very quiet (well, except for the trucks, planes, trains) days enjoying the unique Florida wildlife. Tomorrow Jeff and I are going to a swamp tour in the Everglades before we head north. Hoping to see some jumbo gators. And, no...I will not feed them anything!

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